Parrots I


Artist: Alfred “Alex” Gockel

Medium: Offset lithograph on paper

Image Size: 23.75 x 31.75 in.

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About the Art

Born near Münster, Germany in 1952, Alfred Gockel’s was only eight when his first work was published. He went on to study at The University of Applied Sciences Münster in the Department of Design. When he finished his studies he went on to be the founder of the publishing company AVANT ART. He started to gain a lot of popularity in the US in 1985 and from then to 2006 more than 130,000,000 open editions of his work was sold. He also has skills in etching, woodworking, and sculpting with multiple mediums. His main inspirations are Picasso, Mirò, Chagall, Dali and Dürer which shows in his dynamic abstract pieces.

Depicted in this piece are some colorful and abstract parrots. Gockel’s use of bold vivid color against a dark black background creates a lot of contrast and really makes the parrots stand out. The leafs and brighter white portions of the piece prevent it from being too dark and creates a nice balance.


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