A Gregarious Guide to Gallery Events

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Baterbys Art Gallery

So you want to attend a gallery event, but you are not sure what to do. You may ask yourself questions like, “How do I sign up?” or “I know nothing about art, will I be allowed in?” or, perhaps the most daunting of questions, “What do I wear?” Well patron, fear not. Here at Baterbys, we have put together a guide to assist you in expanding your artistic horizons.

However, before we get started, we should address what is arguably, the most frequently asked question. “Why should I come to a gallery event?” The answer to that question is not as easy as it may seem, but it can be boiled down to a few crucial points. The most significant response is simply that art is important. Art is the bread and water for the soul; it can define cultures, inspire movements, and arouse emotional response. Art is the visual representation of the inner most workings of the human mind, a reflection of ideas made physical through mediums as simple as canvas and paint. To appreciate art is to appreciate the accomplishments of our fellow man.


But enough chatter. Let’s talk about why you should attend a gallery event, and what you can gain from it. Firstly, signing up for the event is easier than attempting to interpret a Pollock painting; just visit our website (https://baterbys.com/events/Max), fill out the information and click “Attend Event.”

Second, the cost is $5, ($10 for those who do not RSVP) a mere fraction of the price it would take to go to the movies, or the amount you would spend on other typical Friday night activities.  In addition, 10% of our proceeds for the evening are donated to St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital, allowing you to the opportunity to give back to the community while simultaneously enjoying art.


But you still have reservations. “I know nothing about art,” you say. “It matters not,” I say. Art is not an exclusive club; art is a universal language. Art is open to interpretation; it feeds off of criticism and reaction, and begs to be talked about. At Baterbys, we welcome any and all opinions, and are always happy to talk about different interpretations.  A gallery event is also a great place to meet new people; talk to your neighbor about the art for a fresh outlook on the artworks. Who knows, their answer might surprise you. And, to help stimulate your creative juices, gallery events are catered by Cuba Libre. Enjoy some food for the soul while munching on food for the stomach. The gallery events also host raffles, giving you the opportunity to win free artist books, or even framed art that is ready to go home with you.


As to what you should wear, do whatever is best for you. The art is certainly not going to judge you based on your appearance, and neither will we.

In conclusion, a gallery event is not only a great opportunity to do something new, but it is also sure to be an enjoyable evening. Remember, there is no wrong answer in art, and certainly no reason to be intimidated. You got this.


Art events are your chance to get out and do something different! Free food, free drinks, great conversations, raffles, and the chance to learn something new and exciting all await you at our next event. Please sign up for our newsletter for updates on upcoming events at Baterbys.

Our featured Master of the Month for October is Peter Max. This German-born illustrator and artist is not only one of the most famous living artists, but also a true pop culture icon. Join us during the opening night of this special exhibition showcasing our large collection of his works!