A Vision of Love: Soco Freire

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Face It by Soco Freire

Soco_Head shotInspiration is the fuel of the aesthetic process because it provokes innovation and molds unique stylistic identity. An artist has the ability to encapsulate inspiration from a fleeting world and translate it into an object; these tangible objects are the beloved artworks of the world. Some of the greatest artists have been honored as great colorists or masters of line, but what exceeds technical ingenuity is the source of their inspiration – an emotion for which the canvas is only a vessel – the greatest emotion of all, Love.

Since the Classical period, allusions of Love have been present in art.  Although complex, Love is universal and the cornerstone of our very existence. Thus, the emotions of Love have been the driving force for artists from every region, every historical period and every art movement.  No difference in environment could ever hinder the impact of Love on the human psyche, or change the artists desire to make known their love for something in their own experience.  These creations become a remnant of their personal encounter with love, and through artistry they externalize that emotion forever.  These manifestations of Love, like relics of a past time, continue to evoke timeless sentiments in the viewer.


This Valentine’s Day weekend, Baterbys will host Vision of Love: Soco Freire. The show will exhibit the most intimate works from Soco Freires private collection, where her expression of love is the most robust and expressive. This Brazilian-born artist uses vivid colors to channel the energies of Love and evoke delight; her chaotic compositions are intended to stir the senses of all who witness them.  To experience Soco’s work, is to experience the imprints of Love.

12859Join us on February 15th at 6:00pm, for a rare meet-and-greet with the artist and a personal introduction of her new collection to Baterbys and our guests. RSVP at and enter a chance to win a framed artwork at the exhibition.