And the Medal Goes to…

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Local Artists

Last Second Fridays event was memorable.

Twenty-One different artists with 21 individual styles subjected themselves to the judgment of the general public and their artistic peers.Each artist created a symbolism of what the Summer Games meant to them as a memory, or as a creation of a new idea. This brought professional artists (who have been invested their lives to creativity) together with new talents that wanted to see where their skills would take them.  With each one wanting to have their voice heard, subjected the comfort of their art to the general public’s criticism.

The voting was broken up in four counterparts:

It started with the social clout where online means became the first part of the voting tier. The scores were tallied between 3 popular social sites where if you were liked, tweeted, or pinned; increased the artists chances in the polls.

Another voting aspect was gallery presence. The gallery guests had the opportunity to cast votes for their top five favorites.

On the night of the event two voting types were introduced. Each artist had the privilege of inviting their close friends and followers to participate, but we didn’t want the voting to just be a popularity competition.

The most crucial voting structure was implemented when we incorporated a special judging criterion for 5 preselected judges to put aside popularity and personality and judge based on aesthetics and subject content.

With all these factors involved the race was close, but winning metals were issued.

Bronze Medalist: Angel Rivera

Silver Medalist: Soco Freire


Gold Medalist: Ivaldo Robles

 Your Medalists!!!

Your Exhibitors!Look for them soon… To everyone that participated: We are extremely honored that you chose Baterbys to showcase your talents. We look forward to being included in your artistic journey!