ANNOUNCMENT: Local artists Robin Pedrero and Virginia Arakelian will be painting live at our Open House event!

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Virginia Arakelian

If you haven’t heard the exciting news just yet, well here it is. Baterbys is hosting a very special event on September 5, 2014. For the first time ever, Baterbys will be opening their newly renovated showroom and warehouse to the public. The event, taking place from 6 to 9 PM, will give guests a first-hand look at Baterbys’ entire collection of nearly two million works of art, which includes master artists, contemporary artists, and local artists.
Over the past years, Baterbys has been fortunate to represent some of Orlando’s most distinguished artists. Baterbys is excited to announce that two of Orlando’s local artists, Robin Pedrero and Virginia Arakelian, will be painting live at their Open House event. Guests will have the chance to watch both artists as they transform a blank canvas into an exquisite piece of art.

Local artist, Robin Pedrero, painting 'The Invitation'
Local artist, Robin Pedrero, painting ‘The Invitation’

Robin Pedrero has been with Baterbys for over two years. Winning the Baterbys 2012 Local Artist Competition, her artwork has since been a continuous hit in the gallery located in Winter Park Village.
“Robin Maria Pedrero paints the spirit and energy of life in rhythmic layers of color. She responds to what catches her eyes and heart personifying nature, evoking a range of moods with a touch of playfulness. “I use a symbolic visual language exploring both the visible and invisible creating a commentary on relationships and thoughts. As I work the images can be unexpected flowing from gathered memories. Music plays a role in my process and seeps into my art. I build layers making connections and a story comes forth and unfolds. The work evolves, and quite often by the time the painting is finished it has a history of stories interwoven in the layers.” Baterbys has her artwork on display at the gallery every day, but you can also view our collection of Robin Pedrero’s artwork here.

The artist's easel and paints.
The artist’s easel and paints.

Baterbys welcomed Virginia Arakelian to the gallery this year as the winner of the 2014 Local Artist Completion. “Virginia’s love affair with the arts started at a young age. She was always interested in metals, the shapes and texture of different raw materials, and the endless possibilities of reforming and shaping them. Through the years, her interest in the arts expanded, she started experimenting with a variety of art mediums and found herself drawn into the world of paintings and mixed media. Virginia Arakelian’s inspiration is deeply rooted in her Armenian heritage as well as her fascination with ancient cultures and mythology.” You can view Baterbys’ collection of Virgina Arakelian’s artwork here.

Virginia Arakelian preparing her palette.
Virginia Arakelian preparing her palette.

“I’ve always found it fascinating to watch an artist painting. As a child, I would observe my art teacher as she placed the brush on the canvas and suddenly, something amazing would appear.” –Unknown

Learn more about this once in a lifetime experience and other upcoming happenings at Baterbys or reserve your seat at this event today.

We look forward to seeing you soon!