Art Documentaries: A New Perspective

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I Shot Andy Warhol

Looking for something to do this weekend? What about relaxing at home on the couch while you learn something new? Art documentaries are a wonderful way of gaining a new perspective on a brilliant artist or genre. This concise list of art films will give you a new insight into the world of art with great interviews and commentary of artists. Each picture is also a link to the film’s website, except for I Shot Andy Warhol. Enjoy your weekend and watch one of these riveting art documentaries.

Exit Through the Gift Shop (2010) – An amateur film-maker attempts to make a documentary capturing some of the world’s most infamous graffiti artists. One of those is anonymous British stencil artist, Banksy, who turns the camcorder back onto the owner who, in turn, becomes a street artist himself, with the moniker MBW (Mr. Brainwash). It includes footage and interviews with Banksy, Shepard Fairey, Space Invader, and other famous street artists.
Exit Through the Gift Shop

My Architect (2003) – A film by the illegitimate son of the famous architect, Louis Kahn, to discover who the world-renown artist that was his mysterious father. Features interviews of other famous architects such as Frank Gehry (Guggenheim Museum in Bilbao, Spain, Philip Johnson (Glass House), I.M. Pei (the Lourve’s “pyramid”), and more to reveal who Kahn really was.
My Architect

How to Draw a Bunny (2002) –After his surprising suicide, a curated memorial exhibit drew the interest of documentarians to examine the life of Ray Johnson, a reclusive and elusive, unique American Pop artist. Commentary, interviews, and other footage with Chuck Close, Roy Lichtenstein, Christo, James Rosenquist and others are part of the investigation of uncovering the artist and person who was Ray Johnson.
How to Draw a Bunny

I Shot Andy Warhol (1996) – Based on the true story of Valerie Solanas, this documentary turned independent film features the story of the notorious Solanas’s troubled life. It is the story of a radical feminist who becomes obsessed with Andy Warhol. When he won’t help produce her movie, she becomes violently enraged and shoots the artist.
I Shot Andy Warhol

Do you have a favorite art documentary, one on this list or maybe one I’ve forgotten? Leave a comment and I’ll be sure to check it out! Feel free to pass this along to other art connoisseurs in your life.