The Cityscapes of Marcel Mouly

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Known for his bright color palette and exceptional use of light, Marcel Mouly mastered the art of painting with his abstract and Fauvism-inspired works of art. There is a variety in his selection of imagery including, landscapes, battle scenes, musical instruments, and still lifes. However, his assortment of cityscape paintings display his understanding of light… continue reading »

Mouly: The Evolution of Color

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There is no doubt that Marcel Mouly was a master of light and color. These elements shine through in his paintings, regardless of the style or decade in which they were produced. However, in looking at his oeuvre as a whole, one will notice that over time, there was an evolution in his color palette…. continue reading »

By Design: Artworks for Every Style

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With over 1.7 million works of art in the most expansive selection in Central Florida, Baterbys Art Gallery has an artwork to suit every style and taste. Whether you are a homeowner trying to liven up your space, or an interior designer looking to rework an entire room, Baterbys will provide you with the knowledge… continue reading »

Mouly vs. Picasso: The Female Form

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It is evident when looking at the work of Marcel Mouly that his style, while containing elements of earlier 20th-century movements, is all his own. While his vivid colors set him apart from the monochromatic Cubism of Pablo Picasso, his fragmented forms and figures are clearly distinct from the Fauvism of Henri Matisse, who served… continue reading »

The Many Themes of Mouly

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What made the works of Marcel Mouly distinctive enough that we proclaim him as one of the finest representatives of the School of Paris? If we attempted to answer this question with one phrase, we could assert that Mouly took every popular theme of French painting, and revolutionized the way in which they were executed…. continue reading »

Mouly and Picasso

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Marcel Mouly is the epitome of 20th-century modernism. In his paintings, he embraced and manifested the great styles of the century, including Fauvism and Cubism.  The scintillating colors of his seaside paintings are reminiscent of those of the Fauvist master, Henri Matisse. Yet his post-Cubist forms, which he employed primarily in his interior scenes, invoke… continue reading »

The Art Sale You’ve Been Waiting For

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Purchasing a new home? Redecorating your office? Looking to expand your fine art collection? Whether you are turning your house into a home or your family room into a “museum”, Baterbys Art Gallery has the selection of art for you. Now, during our warehouse sale, you can find the artwork of your dreams for 40-80%… continue reading »

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