Charles Fazzino- Six Interesting Facts

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Charles Fazzino

“All of my art is a labor of love for all of you who have enjoyed my work for so long. When we’re all gone and many years have passed, I hope that our descendants will look at one of my paintings and say ‘that’s a Fazzino. He was the artist who painted those zany pictures of what life was really like back then.” –Charles Fazzino

The 21st century 3D artist, Charles Fazzion, is a Finland born, American artist, internationally recognized for his unique 3D artwork that reflect the highlights of pop culture.

Bright colors, insane details, never ending energy, and the hand created 3D layering technique are characteristics of Charles Fazzio artwork.

Here are six interesting facts about the artist.

  1.  Charles Fazzino’s artworks are featured in hundreds of museums and galleries all over the world which include more than twenty different countries.
  2. Charles Fazzino is often considered to be a pop culture historian because of the variety of his subject matter and how it touches on everyday life.
  3.  In 2012, Charles Fazzino created an installation piece for American Airlines at the JFK International Airport in New York City. Fazzino created a 6 foot, by 7 foot rotating sculpture of a model American Airlines airplane. The artwork took Fazzino over four months to create, and pays homage to all the destinations American Airlines fly from out of New York City.
  4.  Charles Fazzino is an academically trained artist with a bachelors of arts from at the School of Visual Arts in Manhattan.
  5. Fazzino’s 3D pop artwork can be found in the private collections of Rosie O’Donnell, Michael Eisner, Hillary Clinton, Presidents Bill Clinton and George Bush, Paul McCartney, Michael Jackson, Phil Collins, Michael Jordan, Julia Roberts and many other internationally renowned figures and corporations.
  6. Fazzino has been commissioned to create artworks for world recognized events such as the Super Bowl, The GRAMMY Awards, music festivals and many major sport events.

    Charles Fazzino, From Philadelphia with Love
    Charles Fazzino, From Philadelphia with Love

    Charles Fazzino, A Night at the Met.
    Charles Fazzino, A Night at the Met.

    Charles Fazzino, James Dean.
    Charles Fazzino, James Dean.

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