December Auctions Show Picasso’s Popularity Among Collectors

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Do you own a Picasso? Well if you don’t, you may want to add this 20th century master artist to your collection! In this past December of 2016 alone, more Pablo Picassos were acquired than any other artist! Now that is a signal to buy. As more individuals become educated about the value and significance of Picasso’s art, it can only be expected that current market values will climb and available artworks will become increasingly difficult to acquire.  According to, “…there were a total of 117,025 lots offered at global auctions in December, and 73,757 were sold.” Check out the link to the full article at here.

Start your collection with Baterbys! Join us at Baterbys Art Gallery for our first major art exhibition of 2017, “Pablo Picasso: The Diary of a Master”. Attendees will have the opportunity to purchase authenticated Picasso artworks during the event. Tickets and more information for the opening reception can be found here.

Please email Alexandria at or call for pre-exhibition purchase inquiries on signed etchings, aquatints and linocuts.

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