Exhausting the Possibilties

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Hua Chen

Success always starts with an idea. That idea evolves into a dream and then becomes reality. Usually, the ideas that eventually cause the world to change for the better come not from mere individuals, but from groups of people, collectives that decided to get involved in the world they live in and initiate real change.

Artists like Henri Matisse, Pablo Picasso, Salvador Dali and Peter Max, before having earned the respect in their chosen disciplines of art, first realized that the art world and society (during their specific time periods) needed some changes. Their impact on the world of art, as we know it today, didn’t start big and loud. Together with their contemporaries, they pioneered and fostered change one idea at a time.

At Baterbys, we don’t just study and promote artists for the fun of it. We learn from their ways and try our best to put to practice the best lessons we can draw out from their life stories and experiences. So even if we’re all busy wearing many hats as a gallery – auction house, consignee, art appraisers, event venue…the list is as long goes on – we still believe in paying it forward by supporting our community. Change is still needed in our society and we’re not just going to sit around and do nothing.

Most of our auction buyers and collectors know that each auction we hold in our gallery benefits a particular local charity. We believe that “it takes a village” to nurture our precious children because they will most likely alter society when their time to lead comes. With this premise, we donate a percentage of the auction sales to programs that cater to their needs.

At our Baterbys Spring 2012 Auction, we will be partnering with UCP of Central Florida (UCP). UCP specializes in servicing children with special needs. They believe in, “Helping Every Child Build a Foundation for Success.”

With over 55 years of experience UCP has supported, educated and counseled children and their families. Their goal is to have all children be successful no matter if they are disabled or not. That is why they include children without a disability to be a part of their program. This education model is called inclusion. Our children, families and team members have witnessed first-hand the benefits of children of all abilities being in the same classroom; where learning and growth is the goal; where children with and without disabilities have the opportunity to be successful; where inclusion is the norm not the exception; and where parents play a huge part in our multi-disciplinary approach to whole-child growth and development.”

UCP started with a few parents that wanted to meet the need of one child with cerebral palsy. But, as time transpired the need grew into a necessity of serving many children with various disabilities. This non-profit organization serves families based on their need and not their income. Thanks to the love and support of many benefactors, like Baterbys, UCP has been able to create new facilities, retain medical care and freely open its doors to many children and their families by being a tuition free facility.

As the children grow, UCP takes every step with their students. They walk with them from birth to 21, helping the now adults to find a place where they can succeed financially and emotionally. The opportunity they instill in each individual gives them a chance to capitalize on their full potential; allowing them to succeed beyond the limitations of the mind.

When you attend our Spring Auction and walk away with an artwork that caught your attention, think about the artist who created that piece; what kind of change proposition did she or he have? The artwork is just an evidence of their belief that change can happen. It’s not only a picture of what is, but more, what is possible.