From Muses to Masters

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Up until the 18th and 19th century women were viewed as muses or subjects to paint, but very rarely were given the opportunity to become artists themselves. Throughout the Renaissance and through the 18th century, training for the arts was not open for women, nor could they afford to pay the fees to belong the guilds that assisted artists in securing the most profitable commissions. Those who did manage to become artists came from artistic families and were trained by their fathers or husbands.

When art training and institutions for women were opened, women took control of their own creativity, picked up paintbrushes and approached canvases with confidence in their own skills. They started to depict themselves on their canvasses as intelligent, dominant and powerful beings. Even male artists no longer portrayed women as waif-like, angelic or sexual creatures.
Collect their art and pay tribute to their vision as female artists who conquered their own niches and elevated the role of women in the once harsh and discriminatory world of art. Special offers are given for collecting a work of art by a woman artists. Contact our gallery consultants for more details.