Interview with Ivaldo Robles

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Ivaldo Robles, ser-de-los-elementos

Ivaldo Robles is an Abstract Expressionist painter from Cancun, Mexico currently living in Orlando, Florida. His works are a balance of the forms and colors of everyday life, and the  emotions and complexities of the world. Ivaldo’s artwork has a characteristic style which instantly will capture your eye. His naturalistic color pallet with golden hues and mixed media technique, give his artwork an ethereal and 3D quality. His unique style is recognized all over Orlando.

Ivaldo has been represented by Baterbys Art Gallery since 2013, when he won 1st prize in  Baterbys Artist Competition, and has continued to be present at their gallery since. This year, Baterbys is excited to have Ivaldo painting live at their gallery event happening this Friday, September 26, 2014 from 6 to 9PM.

Baterbys Senior Consultant recently had the pleasure to talk with Ivaldo and learn a little more about his artistic practice, influences, and interests.

 Ivaldo Robles Interview

When did you first fall in love with painting? When I discovered the colors and their secrets – that is what changed my way of feeling and seeing.
Is painting your full-time job? If so when did you decide to make it? I really don’t consider painting a job, I enjoy it too much to get tire of doing it, I feel very grateful when my paintings sell and support me to continue sharing my creation with people.
What is your background? I studied in Cancun Mexico but nothing related to art, learned on my own to achieve my technique by experimentation of materials and studies on artist like Picasso, Dali, Nierman, Pollock, Klimt and Kandinsky. I am a self-taught artist and continue to learn from new ideas that soon will be showing in my future paintings.
How would you describe your paintings? My paintings are the result of moments of deep connection with my subconscious, the result will give the idea of something but will be open to interpretation of the viewer-they are pure expressions of emotions.
What are you currently working on? I am working on a couple of paintings, one represents musical instruments and the other one forms of nature, they are half way to the final result.
How long have you been living in Orlando and what is your favorite part about living here? 13 years, my favorite part, that it is a multicultural part of the world were one can meet, learn and taste a lot of new things.
Describe your typical day. No very different from others, but after breakfast I do what needs to be done for that day, usually start my painting around 11am. After I’m done with other duties, I work on making new customize canvas for my new pieces for a few hours, then I paint until 10 or 12 am, I get my breaks to eat and drink some tequila of course. : )
What is your training? My training is experimentation of many hours looking for the right textures, colors and design, over the years of painting I’ve trained myself, not to think too much but feel instead, when creating art.
Who is your favorite artist? Nierman, Dali, Klimt, Picasso


Ivaldo Robles, Arte De Sax
Ivaldo Robles, Arte De Sax

Ivaldo Robles, Profundo Natural
Ivaldo Robles, Profundo Natural

Ivaldo Robles, Gitana Acustica
Ivaldo Robles, Gitana Acustica

This Friday, guests will get the once in a lifetime chance to view Ivaldo create a master piece. To learn more about the event, please view here, to view Baterbys collection of Ivaldo artwork please view here.

We look forward to seeing you there!