Interview with Robin Pedrero

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This morning, we had the pleasure to meet one of the nation’s premier artist and local celebrity, Robin Pedrero. Robin Pedrero is the featured artist and will be painting live at our May 9, Summertime and the Living’s Artsy, event at Baterbys Art Gallery (460 N. Orlando Ave, Unit 116, Winter Park, FL 32789). Amidst Robin delivering a collection of her stunning paintings we were able to ask her a couple questions.


Robin Pedrero.Pink Poppies
Robin Pedrero, Pink Poppies in Paradise, acrylic on canvas

1.What can you tell me about the ideas behind your paintings?

My paintings begin emotively with color placement based on my experiences. I create an atmosphere with color then I build on that with patterns, textures and images. I stare at the shapes then enhance what I find. Quite often I build story vignettes and use symbolic imagery.

2.Are your paintings painted outdoors, or do you conjure them from memory?

My paintings are usually created in my studio based on memories, studies and references. Walking, hiking and bike riding provides me with such inspiration.

3.What is your daily painting schedule like?

I typically wake between 5 and 7am then study my most recent works in progress. I often paint  from 10am – 4 pm.

4.What do you hope viewers will grasp or enjoy about your paintings?

I enjoy when my collectors and viewers  share their response to my art as experiencing a sense of joy.  Some have expressed they feel nurtured. I like people to feel refreshed, and give a playful smile,  like a little journey to another place.  I enjoy that many ruminate their own stories while viewing my work.

5.What are you currently working on?

I am currently engaged in several projects. As a newly licensed and published artist I am working on multiple series. I am creating a body of work for my solo exhibition at the Lake Eustis Museum of Art in September 2015.  I communicate a visual language via paint and share via social media and my blog interacting with my fans and art collectors.  I am continually  creating new works of art for my collectors and to place in galleries which feature my work.

6.Some of your works are mixed media, what kinds of materials do you use?        

I use professional quality art supplies; paint, ink, charcoal, pencils, pastels, mediums

7.Where do you get inspiration?

     Nature is my inspiration, ever changing, reviving, nurturing, renewing, colorful, and magical.

8.Do you make a living exclusively from selling your artwork or do you have any side jobs?

Yes, I am a full time professional artist. I diversify by expanding my art for use on cell cases, handbags, silk scarves and home décor. 

9.What three personality traits do you think are most important to becoming a successful artist?

Focused Perseverance or the more artsy word “Passionate” is tops in my list for a successful artist trait. One must be a Good Communicator, this includes both in the art created and in the interactions with collectors, fans, galleries and other business entities. It is most important to be Resilient with The Ability to Make Changes, this means taking action for your career and also to be able to Adjust to Changes for the ultimate success.

10.What advice do you have for aspiring artists that look up to you and your successes?

I’ve lots of advice to share as I mentor other artists, however artists each have very unique careers as solopreneurs, so in general my advice is to believe in yourself, and take action everyday in moving forward with your art and your art business. Keep painting to find your unique voice.

Robin Pedrero, Fishes, acrylic on canvas
Robin Pedrero, Fishes, acrylic on canvas


Robin Pedrero, The Wave
Robin Pedrero, The Wave, acrylic on canvas

Robin Pedrero, It Aint a Fable Baby
Robin Pedrero, It Aint a Fable Baby, acrylic on canvas