Lest We Forget: 9/11

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Alfred Gockel's Lady Liberty

Surreal are my feelings of the day that is so dark and bleak.
Tears of sorrow washing faces: giving no relief to the pain
Stolen good-byes; leaving only memories to comfort the broken –hearted
Asking questions: pleading for answers we will never receive
Suffering is comfort; surrendering its strength to the feeble
Allowing heroes to rise up and take their place
Lives and loves lost, being forced into a war no one wanted to fight
Lives and loves found, by being forced into pain no one wanted to endure









As we approach the 10th anniversary of 9/11, let us remember: It’s the day that will forever stand still for many of us. I am almost certain that if you were aware of what was happening, you can recall the exacts of your whereabouts, and the people you surrounded yourself with.

That day brought unity amongst strangers all over the globe. We became one people; holding on to the hope of restoration.

Many World-renowned artists became moved by the tragedy of 9/11. They wanted to do their part in creating unity from the travesty.

9/11 affected more than just Americans. German born artists like, Peter Max and Alfred Gockel, were encouraged to remind us of the freedom we fight for. Being touched by the city he loved, Peter Max created a series of 6 paintings, Remember 9/11, which would benefit the victims, the fallen Twins and the Pentagon.

Gockel’s also was affected by 9/11; he was inspired to create a painting that embodied the Statue of Liberty the Twin Towers and The Empire State Building. Lady Liberty signifies stability and shows us memories that will never be forgotten.

We salute the heroes that sacrificed their lives for strangers …

We pray for the families that have to be strong, because a loved one did not come home…
We Shall remember, and we Shall over-come!