Meet Kenneth Aunchman!

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Kenneth Aunchman piece

Kenneth Aunchman, an artist full of zeal; has an intuitive imagination when it comes to his talent. He creates works that are three-dimensional aquatic life, which he named SEA3D. To create this illusion, he diffuses and mutes the color in the background, while using brighter, warmer colors in the foreground.


Aunchman’s interplay between the cooler and warmer colors makes the objects in the front extend off the canvas that is further enhanced with the use of special polarized 3D lenses. This births the outcome of a multi-leveled painting; which allows the viewer to feel the sensation of being a part of his creation.


We (Baterbys) are privileged in hosting an evening that will feature Kenneth Aunchman and his whimsical creations. At our Second Fridays event (Friday, May 11th) he will share with the viewer’s his colorful oil painting of coastal and marine seascapes submersed with light.

Aunchman’s out-going persona will exemplify interest and intrigue whilst you watch his live painting demonstration.  The feel of his artworks and choice of colors all coincide in a harmony that marries creative scenarios with the natural characters of the sea.



To view more of Kenneth Aunchman’s artworks, visit our website today! And don’t forget to RSVP for our Second Fridays event. See you there!!!