Pablo Picasso: What Makes Him Unique?

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When art novices think of Picasso, the thought of a strange man with odd shapes is commonplace. This is because the works of Picasso that became so sought after came in his prime when he had developed his own unique style. This style, mainly cubism, does not depict realism in its images. Instead, it leaves the viewer slightly confused and sometimes, shocked. When an artist is able to leave you wondering what the message of his or her work is, they have done exactly what they aimed for. Now, this isn’t to say that Picasso did not, or could not produce true masterpieces that everyone could appreciate. A lot of us don’t realize that Picasso painted this “Old Fisherman” and at 14 years of age. There were more too.

“Science and Charity,” which he also drew at a young age.

It begs the question why Picasso moved on to create in different, and sometimes less attractive methods. But you see, once his talent was realized by producing such beautifully and realistically drawn artworks, all he had to do was do something no one else has. That alone, would set him apart and make him the legend he is today. He would evolve his talents into different periods, before entering the cubism time period.
In continuation, along with that unique style he’d develop, he’d go on an art binge in his 347 series during his 87th year of age, making 347 works in 7 months, something no artist has ever done. The series featured a lot of works with sexual innuendos and thought-provoking circumstances that would have any viewer dazed.

But once again, it was his audacity to create these images that made him different, and doing so with a sugar-lift aquatint process that made him and his 347 series so special. Just think of what would drive an artist with his impeccable capability to draw hundreds of extreme and unnecessary pieces. It was because he was fearless. He wasn’t afraid. He dared to defy the rules of what we’d expect, and you have to give him respect for doing so. It helped pave the way to his fame today. Pablo Picasso transformed art in the 20th century, and will forever be one of the most well-renowned artists of time. Sometimes, we just have to remember what he was truly capable of to appreciate all of it.


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