Cannes, à la Fenêtre

Artist: Jean-Claude Picot

Medium: Embossed lithograph with original hand drawing on paper

Image Size: 23 x 33 in (approx)

Edition: Limited Edition

Signature: Signed

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About the Art

Since 1956, Jean Claude Picot has been a full-time professional artist. He has seriously studied the works of the Fauvist masters Vlaminck, Derain and Matisse. Like these great masters whose exuberant canvases excited great attention in the first decade of our century due to their revolutionary use of color, texture and abstract form, so we find the same excitement in the works of Picot. He has developed a unique style that recalls a Post-Impressionist application of color combined with the expressive qualities of line. The world of his art is often one of a happy reflection on relaxation, and his personal “joie de vivre”. He captures the animation, romance and essence of the landscape.

This piece is vibrant and extremely dynamic, two very fitting descriptions of a Picot. The cubism style in this work makes the woman and beautiful view seem like a painting within the piece like the ones on the walls.


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Dimensions 23 x 33 in