Central Soledad


Artist: Gerardo Alfonso Piquera

Medium: Ink on paper

Image Size: 51 x 24 in. (approx)

(Framing included)

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About the Art

Gerardo Alfonso Piquera is a self employed artist residing in Orlando, Florida. He is originally from Cuba, where he studied at the University of Havana, San Alejandro Art Academy, and the Superior Institute of Art. He was also a professor at the Polytechnic Institute of Design where he taught undergraduate level descriptive geometry as part of the industrial design curriculum. Gerardo works in a variety of mediums including sculpting, molding, furniture design, oil painting, watercolor, drawing and photography. His work has been shown and published in Florida, New York, Spain, Cuba, and Panama, and he has been awarded many prizes for his unique work.

Gerardo pays great attention to detail in his ink works, and his impeccable ink markings are easy to miss if not focused on. His lines are carefully placed and layered, building on one another to form 3D shapes that come alive on the page. Time and space are warped as the viewer studies Gerardo’s masterpieces, but a sense of balance and symmetry are often noted as a key theme in his work.


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