Cornered Cartouche


Artist: Esteban Chavez

Year: 1997

Medium: Offset lithograph on paper

Image Size: 20 x 24 in.

Signature: Unsigned

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About the Art

Born in Denver, Colorado 1954 Esteban has an undergraduate BFA from UC Berkeley, California 1982 and a MFA from the Yale School of Art, New Haven, CT 1985. He is a professional artist and has lived in NYC since 1985. In the spring of 2003, Esteban received a Fellowship from the New York Foundation for the Arts. The technique used by Esteban is photolithography. He photographs buildings or architectural details, scans the negatives into the computer and generates the images into film positives. The film positives are the actual size of the lithographs. The films are than exposed to photographic lithographic plates and the plates are then ‘inked up’ by hand rolling ink onto them. Paper is placed on the inked plate and rolled through a traditional hand cranked press. The result is a fine art lithograph.


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