Sculpteur devant sa sellette avec un spactateur

Artist: Pablo Picasso

Year: c. 1965

Medium: Aquatint on paper

Image Size: 18 x 13 in.

Signature: Signed in pencil, lower right

Edition: Edition of 50 from the Sable Mouvant Suite

Estimate: $20,000- $25,000

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About the Art

Picasso began to create etchings in the early 1900’s, and once he mastered the traditional techniques he began to experiment with the medium. He began to incorporate aquatint etching and dry-point into his etchings giving them more texture and color. Aquatint creates several tones in the etching by varying the etching time on different areas of the metal plate. Dry-point is when a hard steel needle is used to incise lines directly onto the metal plate. These experiments caused Picasso to purchase his own printing press because he enjoyed it so much. These etchings give a better insight into Picasso’s masterful skills with line and shadow than other mediums.

Depicted is a seated sculpture with a spectator. The aquatint process gives this piece a gradient look which gives a simple etching so much more complexity through the lighter and darker grays.


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