Sun Rise Over the Water -SOLD

Artist: Willie Daniels

Medium: Oil on board

Image Size: 23 x 37.5 in (approx)

Edition: A part of the Highwaymen collection

Signature: Signed in paint

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About the Art

Willie Daniels’ paintings are technically skilled and emotionally strong. He grew up watching his neighbors Harold Newton and Roy McLendon paint. Some say his landscapes are so powerful they can be mistaken for Harold Newton’s masterworks. He used Upson board like the other landscape painters and later worked on Masonite, wood, and canvas. Willie’s oaks are gnarly, his oceans inviting, and his colors vivid.

In this tranquil piece the soft yellows from the rising sun makes the whole painting seem to glow. The small birds flying in the distance gives a great sense of distance to this work. Daniel’s truly can capture the calmness in this natural setting.


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Shipping Details

Weight 7 lbs
Dimensions 23 x 37.5 in