The Lithographs of Chagall: The Angel

ARTIST: Marc Chagall (1887-1985)

YEAR: c.1960

MEDIUM: Original color lithograph on wove paper

IMAGE SIZE: 12.75 x 9.65 in (approx)

FRAMED SIZE: 20.75 x 17.65 (approx)


EDITION:’The Lithographs of Chagall by Julien Cain, 1960, Published by George Braziller, New York, Edited by Andre Sauret, Monte Carlo; Original lithographs were pulled from the presses of Mourlot Freres, France.

CONDITION: Excellent


About the Art

This is an original color lithograph by Marc Chagall. It is one of twelve lithographs published in The Lithographs of Chagall Volume I. Chagall continually returned to religious subjects. He had a lifetime fascination with the Bible and he called it “the greatest source of poetry of all time.” He had the wonderful ability to blend religious imagery with his own style involving fantasy and folklore.

Chagall was a versatile artist who worked in almost every medium. In his work he fused multiple artistic styles with symbols from his Jewish heritage


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Shipping Details

Weight 9.65 lbs
Dimensions 22.75 x 19.65 x 3 in