Divine Comedy: The Waterfall of the Phlegethon

Artist: Salvador Dali

YEAR: c. 1964

MEDIUM: Woodblock Print on Rives paper

PAPER SIZE: 13 x 10 in. (approx.)

IMAGE SIZE: 10 x 7 in. (approx.)


EDITION: From the Divine Comedy French edition published by “Les Heures Claires” of Paris approx. 5346 sets. (Aside from German and Italian editions)


Estimate: $1,000-$2,500

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About the Art

This is a woodblock print after a watercolor by Salvador Dali. This work is part of Dali’s Divine Comedy suite, a collection of 100 illustrations based on Dante’s famous poem. This image is from the Inferno section. Dali depicts one of the rivers of the underworld, the Phlegethon. The bright orange color, representing the fires of hell, is balanced by the cool blue, which represents the water.


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