Where I was Born


Artist: William Vincent Kirkpatrick

Medium: Oil on canvas

Image Size: 4 x 4 in.

Signature: Signed

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About the Art

This original oil on canvas painting is by premiere American Impressionist William Vincent Kirkpatrick.

William Vincent Kirkpatrick was born in St. Augustine, Florida in 1939 and began painting at 10. He then moved to Santa Fe, NM in 1956 where he later studied with acclaimed painter, Alfred Morang; tutoring the young Kirkpatrick with the techniques of the French Impressionists. The artist later enrolled at the Taos School of Art in 1962. With the influence of Morang and other Taos/Santa Fe artists, Kirkpatrick’s works flourished in what is called the American Impressionistic style.

Depicted is a quaint little home with pond out back. It gives such a sense of nostalgia for your own childhood home. The white in the sky and snow on the ground brings your focus to the center of the piece while the darker top of the sky gives a nice contrast. The trees add some nice color to the painting with some leaves that have not quite dropped yet alluding to that beautiful first snowfall of winter.


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