William Vincent Kirkpatrick Invention Art Book (Signed by the Author) Hardcover


ISBN 10: 0982315104

ISBN 13: 9780982315101

Author(s): Richard Hart

Publisher: The Art Intrinsic Fund

Publication date: 2009


Binding: Hardcover

Cover Image: foreground: “Sante Fe Church” background: “Landscape 4” by William Vincent Kirkpatrck

Book Dimension: 8.6 x 11 x 0.7 inches


Pages: 128

Condition: Brand New

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About the Art

This book dives into the life and work of premiere American Impressionist William Vincent Kirkpatrick. It describes the artist’s background and his stylistic influences. There are also extensive reproductions of his paintings and works on paper. A great resource for those wanted to learn more about this impressive artist.


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