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A great awakening spread across Europe in the Middle Ages. The awakening was a revolution of thought in art, architecture, literature, and science based on a resurgence of Greco-Roman sources. Spain was influenced by the resurgence of the arts and sciences, contained in what we know historically as the Renaissance. The word renaissance is a French word for ‘rebirth’ and the renaissance is responsible for extraordinary births and rebirths in the art world.

The rebirth of art in Spain led to the emergence of well known Spanish Masters of today: such as Joan Miro, the most surreal non-surrealist artist of the 20th century.

Miro said, “The picture should be fecund. It must bring a world to birth.”

Miro is saying a picture must be prolific, abounding in creativity, which is a reflection of the renaissance. The picture must be so fruitful that it creates an entire world where the viewer can enter.

As Spanish master Miro created new worlds with his pieces, Baterbys Art Auction Gallery recreates the wonder of Miro’s works in the upcoming Spanish Masters Exhibit.