Artist competition

Baterbys’ Local Artist Competition

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Guest deciding who to vote for
Baterbys hosted a Local Artist Competition this past Friday to give one talented artist in the Winter Park/Orlando area the opportunity to display their artwork in the gallery! We had quite a successful turnout with over 150 guests attending and placing votes for their favorite artist. We were very lucky to have 5 amazing artists… continue reading »

And the Medal Goes to…

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Local Artists
Last Second Fridays event was memorable. Twenty-One different artists with 21 individual styles subjected themselves to the judgment of the general public and their artistic peers.Each artist created a symbolism of what the Summer Games meant to them as a memory, or as a creation of a new idea. This brought professional artists (who have… continue reading »

2012 Artist Competition: Special Olympics

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As a company, we realize that the local art market is full of today’s innovative and talented future masters. In order for us to be a part of this movement, “Second Fridays” was created. The “Second Fridays” event at Baterbys provides a positive social platform for the Orlando art community. The event started with the… continue reading »

Lena Luckey: From Nowhere to Somewhere

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Meet Lena: Originally from Prague, Czech Republic, this young artist steadily evolves in her work thanks to her numerous travels. From Western Europe, to Asia and then America, she has visited many countries that all inspire her in different ways. Lena is able to take something away from each of her journeys and incorporate part… continue reading »