Elaine Murphy

2012 Artist Competition: Special Olympics

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As a company, we realize that the local art market is full of today’s innovative and talented future masters. In order for us to be a part of this movement, “Second Fridays” was created. The “Second Fridays” event at Baterbys provides a positive social platform for the Orlando art community. The event started with the… continue reading »

True to Herself

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Feline Repose
Elaine Murphy, beautiful, smart, talented Irish born artist and designer, understands the balance of her aesthetic vision; passion. Her motivation derives from her passion as an artist, making her a triple threat among her gifts as a jewelry and clothing designers, as well as a painter. These talents also grant her the ability to create… continue reading »

For the First Time in Orlando, International Artist Elaine Murphy Paints Live & Exhibits at Baterbys

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Next month, On June 8, 2012 – Friday, we’re proud to introduce and welcome to Baterbys Art Gallery and for the very first time in Orlando, Elaine Murphy. Watch Elaine paint live at the event taking place at Orlando’s Best Art Gallery. Next month, On June 8, 2012 – Friday, we’re proud to introduce and… continue reading »