Art in the Digital Age: A Look at the Best Art Apps

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Best Art App
Art is no longer only a hands-on experience, it has come into the digital age. There is no comparison to seeing the Mona Lisa in person at the Lourve, but what if you could take a virtual tour of one of the most famous museums in the world? There is a copious amount of art… continue reading »

A Vision of Love: Soco Freire

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Face It by Soco Freire
Inspiration is the fuel of the aesthetic process because it provokes innovation and molds unique stylistic identity. An artist has the ability to encapsulate inspiration from a fleeting world and translate it into an object; these tangible objects are the beloved artworks of the world. Some of the greatest artists have been honored as great… continue reading »

Does that inspire you?

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Sometimes it takes a while for… …inspiration to come. Oh, yes, yes. Let Mummy help. Does that inspire you? – Moulin Rouge I feel challenged and overwhelmed on how to translate “Inspiration” on paper. There are so many portals and avenues in which we feel inspired. Alone with different genres’ in which artists can express… continue reading »