Picasso’s Muses

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Pablo Picasso (1881-1973) is arguably the most recognized artist that has ever lived. He was notorious for always having a beautiful woman by his side. They were not only his lovers, but also his muses that greatly inspired his artwork during their time together. The six main women in Picasso’s life were all beautiful, and each… continue reading »

Does that inspire you?

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Sometimes it takes a while for… …inspiration to come. Oh, yes, yes. Let Mummy help. Does that inspire you? – Moulin Rouge I feel challenged and overwhelmed on how to translate “Inspiration” on paper. There are so many portals and avenues in which we feel inspired. Alone with different genres’ in which artists can express… continue reading »

From Muses to Masters

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Up until the 18th and 19th century women were viewed as muses or subjects to paint, but very rarely were given the opportunity to become artists themselves. Throughout the Renaissance and through the 18th century, training for the arts was not open for women, nor could they afford to pay the fees to belong the… continue reading »