Neo Expressionism

Graffiti Art’s Innovative Creativity

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Hope by Banksy
“Graffiti, to me, is writing on the wall. I trace what writers do today back to the Roman Empire, where the name graffiti first got applied to writing on a wall.” – Schmoo Everything has an origin – the form in which it was originally birthed. Creativity can be a derivative of innovation. By taking… continue reading »

From Impressionism to Neo – Expressionism and everything in between: Post – Impressionism

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van Gogh
If one movement begets another movement and so on and so forth, then Post-Impressionism was begotten from Impressionism. Just as an estranged child evolves beyond their parents accomplishments, Post –Impressionism veers away from Impressionism by pushing the envelope to attain more structure, expression and emotions into their paintings. Post-impressionists, who began to make their mark… continue reading »