Second Fridays

Max Event Retrospective

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Peter Max's Liberty Head
“I never know what I’m going to put on the canvas. The canvas paints itself. I’m just the middleman. ”  – Peter Max This past Friday was our Master of the Month Event featuring artist Peter Max. We had a great turn out for this event. Local “Meet Up” groups, art lovers and Baterbys friends… continue reading »

Special Event: Peter Max!

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AND THE TIME HAS COME, as we have all been anticipating, the second Friday of the month is almost here, an enchanting time at Baterbys Art Gallery where we get to celebrate one of our favorite masters and this month it is Peter Max. With his vibrant colors, Realism mixed with Pop culture, and unprecedented… continue reading »

A Vision of Love: Soco Freire

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Face It by Soco Freire
Inspiration is the fuel of the aesthetic process because it provokes innovation and molds unique stylistic identity. An artist has the ability to encapsulate inspiration from a fleeting world and translate it into an object; these tangible objects are the beloved artworks of the world. Some of the greatest artists have been honored as great… continue reading »
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Only 9 days left till February’s newsletter comes out! Sign up>> HERE! Also don’t forget to RSVP to Soco Freire’s event on February 8, 2013 Check out some of her works of art on our online store>>

And the Medal Goes to…

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Local Artists
Last Second Fridays event was memorable. Twenty-One different artists with 21 individual styles subjected themselves to the judgment of the general public and their artistic peers.Each artist created a symbolism of what the Summer Games meant to them as a memory, or as a creation of a new idea. This brought professional artists (who have… continue reading »

2012 Artist Competition: Special Olympics

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As a company, we realize that the local art market is full of today’s innovative and talented future masters. In order for us to be a part of this movement, “Second Fridays” was created. The “Second Fridays” event at Baterbys provides a positive social platform for the Orlando art community. The event started with the… continue reading »

True to Herself

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Feline Repose
Elaine Murphy, beautiful, smart, talented Irish born artist and designer, understands the balance of her aesthetic vision; passion. Her motivation derives from her passion as an artist, making her a triple threat among her gifts as a jewelry and clothing designers, as well as a painter. These talents also grant her the ability to create… continue reading »

Meet Kenneth Aunchman!

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Kenneth Aunchman piece
Kenneth Aunchman, an artist full of zeal; has an intuitive imagination when it comes to his talent. He creates works that are three-dimensional aquatic life, which he named SEA3D. To create this illusion, he diffuses and mutes the color in the background, while using brighter, warmer colors in the foreground.   Aunchman’s interplay between the… continue reading »

The Story in the Journey

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Sergey Cherep
The passion of an artist – the collection of stories and emotions that inspire their art – is more to them than just their talent.  They share their stories with the audience in hopes that the subject on display would be understood. For many painters, this is not an easy feat. They pour their soul… continue reading »