Van Gogh

Halloween Costume Inspiration

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Picasso Art Costume
It’s almost Halloween! So that means it’s time to start looking for an awesome costume that will make you stick out from everyone else. This blog post is about turning you favorite piece of art or artist into the most unique Halloween costume. …and while on the topic of Halloween…don’t forget to celebrate with us… continue reading »

The Story in the Journey

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Sergey Cherep
The passion of an artist – the collection of stories and emotions that inspire their art – is more to them than just their talent.  They share their stories with the audience in hopes that the subject on display would be understood. For many painters, this is not an easy feat. They pour their soul… continue reading »

Avant-Garde’s Evolution

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Sometimes it seems like in today’s society, we don’t fight what we believe in anymore. It seems like caring is regarded for intimate family and relatives and the saying “it takes a village…” is an old bedtime fable our grandparents once read to us. But there was a time (in the Art World) being a… continue reading »