The Best Stores for Art Supplies

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Need art supplies? Overwhelmed? Don’t worry, we all are. Shopping for supplies can be frustrating and confusing, so we laid down the best stores both online and in major cities.  You’ll be done before you know it. 

1. Michaels

The common go-to store for arts and crafts is, of course, Michaels. It’s usually the first place people think of. With its stores easy to find, usually located near a major mall or shopping center, Michaels has a huge selection of art supplies. Categories include pencils, pastels, charcoals, paint, brushes, drawing sets, canvases, printmaking, airbrush sets, presentation and storage, and lamps and lighting. They also have a framing section, for when your masterpiece is finally finished. Convenient and affordable, this store will most likely have what you’re after. Just make sure you ask an employee for help when navigating the lavish winding aisles of crafts and confusion.

2. Utrecht

This online art store appeals to both seasoned artists and the regular Joe Schmo looking to improve his artistic abilities. Utrecht provides everything a painter or sculptor would need to fully stock and supply an art studio. Mediums include oil, watercolor, acrylic, gouache, tempera, kid paint, and spray paint. Furniture and equipment include tables, easels, stools, shelves, desks, projectors, lamps, aprons, gloves, and spray booths. The online store has over 13,000 products split into categories like paper, canvas, brushes, drawing, drafting, sculpture, and more. There are eco-friendly and special needs art supplies available as well, which sets this store apart from the rest. Though mostly an online store, Utrecht has locations in Ft. Lauderdale, Miami, and Tallahassee. Utrecht is the perfect beginning to furnishing and prepping an artist’s studio, and if you just need a simple fountain pen, it’s good for that too.

3. MisterArt

Have kids? Don’t need all the fancy? No problem. MisterArt specializes in general and basic art supplies, with an outstanding kids section. In their “Kids’ Corner,” you can find categories like beading and jewelry, cartooning, hair and body art, journals and diaries, painting, science and nature, stickers, scrapbooking, shrink art, and sculpting and pottery. Crafts include soap making, candles, tile art, scratch art, and bookbinding. The prices are extremely reasonable, so you don’t even have to silently curse the shipping. MisterArt provides exceptional customer service, so the fact that there is no physical store isn’t an inconvenience whatsoever. An online chat is featured on their website which enables a customer to contact a representative immediately. Emails are returned within one business day. We appreciate you, MisterArt.

4. Jo-Anns

Think of Jo-Anns as the girlfriend to Michaels. With stores located all across Florida and the U.S., Jo-Ann Fabric and Craft is a trustworthy and reliable company to turn to for anything. Not to mention, their stores carry any kind of fabric you could possibly need, from flannel to fleece. Jo-Anns is more useful for sewing, crafts, cooking, storage, home décor, holidays, and scrapbooking than it is for very specific artist tools or supplies. It sells the materials Utrecht and MisterArt doesn’t, because you never know when you’re going to need Velcro. What makes Jo-Anns really unique are the video tutorials and classes offered to help aspiring crafters improve their skills. Classes are offered both online and in stores. Talk about interactive.

5. Cheap Joe’s Art Stuff

To make online shopping simple and efficient, Cheap Joe’s Art Stuff has a website extremely easy to navigate. Even though the prices are affordable, they certainly aren’t for poor quality products. With a wide range of supplies, Cheap Joe’s focuses more on two-dimensional art materials instead of three-dimensional. The selection of sculpting and pottery is smaller than other stores, but there is a vast array of sketch, drawing, and paint products. There is an impressive sales and clearance section, which alludes to the company’s reputation of being affordable. The company does have one physical store, in North Carolina, and offers many shipping options if purchases are made online. Cheap Joe’s prides itself on having a strong online artistic community, with links to artist resources and forums. Thanks, Joe!

Written by our Content Writer, Gabrielle Nagengast