The Ladder: Joan Miró

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Joan Joan Miró's Dog Barking at the Moon, 1926

“One who, amidst the silence of others, uses his voice to say something.”- Joan Miró

The Spanish painter, sculptor, and print maker, Joan Miró, is considered to be one of the greatest modern artists of the twentieth century. Widely known as a Surrealist, Miró’s work changed many styles as he went through different phases throughout his artistic career. His strong attention to detail and symbolism has made his artwork iconic and distinct in style.

Miró lived through one of the most turmoil times of the twentieth century; a time when his native home country, Spain, was being destroyed by the Spanish Civil War.

Miró’s struggle for freedom and his Catalan pride, evoked creativity leading Miró to create works of art that represented something special. Miró’s artworks are filled with objects such as stars, moon, figures and theories derived from Freud. One reoccurring symbol is the ladder, which is used in his works as a symbol of escape. In 1936, Miró remarked “the word freedom has meaning for me, and I will defend it at any cost.”

The ladder, for Miró, served as a metaphor and its purpose varied in each artwork. In Miró’s painting, “The Escape Ladder,” 1940, the ladder is used to represent Miró’s escape from the Nazi mistreatment.

In other paintings, the ladder suggests the dream of escape for imagination or of the catastrophe of the Spanish Civil War.

Joan Miró's The Escape Ladder, 1940
Joan Miró’s The Escape Ladder, 1940

Joan Miró, Figure, Dog, Birds (Personnage, Chien, Oiseaux), 1946
Joan Miró, Figure, Dog, Birds (Personnage, Chien, Oiseaux), 1946

Joan Miró, Signs and Meteros, 1958
Joan Miró, Signs and Meteros, 1958

Joan Miró, Niño y gato, 1959
Joan Miró, Niño y gato, 1959

Baterbys’ collection of Joan Miró’s artwork is on display everyday at the gallery located in Winter Park Village (460 N. Orlando Ave. Unit 116, Winter Park, FL 32789).

Join us on Friday May 30, 2014 for our first official “Movie Night at the Gallery” featuring Joan Miró. This event will feature a documentary showing about master artist Joan Miró complete with drinks, snacks, and original artworks to inspire the artist in you!  The documentary viewing will begin at 7PM and the event will conclude around 9PM with a raffle drawing at the end of the movie.  A complimentary fine art print, raffle ticket, and unlimited snacks will be provided to you as part of your $5 admission fee.


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