The Rooster Has Landed

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Alfred Gockel

This year we at Baterbys Art Gallery have decided to foray into new endeavors in connecting with the art community. Not only do we offer even more competitive prices, but we have also streamlined our gallery and have opened our doors for more exhibits and events. This allows us to maintain our valuable service and keeps us true to our passion for art.

That being said, we are privileged to host during our Spring Auction on March 24, a live painting demonstration by world-renowned artist, Alfred Gockel.

In 1980, after having left public service, Alfred made the decision to dedicate himself full-time to painting. He developed a unique, signature style that is still known today. The recognizable strong primary colors strike through the canvas, creating layers and planes of different textures and angles. All of which seem to create a vast montage of different worlds outside ours. The images Alfred superimposes on these are abstract in form, but carry with them references to music, love, nature and just about anything under the sun.

In fact, Alfred has made a name for himself painting live in front of an audience in an art gallery or a high-end cruise ship. In his charming, yet firm tone, he would ask the people in the crowd to name the first thing that came to their minds. After hearing 8 to 10 people spew out their answers (from palm trees and dolphins to pastry chefs and robots), he would then paint all of these images in a large canvas that cohesively weaves all these sporadic elements in one unified story. Learn more about Alfred’s story here.

It will be at Baterbys where Alfred performs this amazing feat next. Watch him paint live and possibly inscribe onto the canvas your favorite food, musical instrument or even your most-loved Star Wars Character! See his signature “rooster” (German for Gockel) on the back of the canvas when he dedicates his work to a client.

At the auction and live painting event, Alfred will demonstrate why he is known as a world-renowned phenomenon. Be prepared to be amazed with the way he expresses colors through the fluidity of his paint brush. This is definitely a must-see affair! Because his inspiration will come from the audience, your presence will make a mark in his work. RSVP now!
If you can’t make to the event on March 24, you can still purchase Alfred Gockel’s work at our online store, reserve your spot today for our Baterbys Spring 2012 Auction.