William Hardesty: “The man that knew so much…he knew nothing”

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Let me introduce William, a fifth generation Floridian artist and graduate from University of Central Florida. In his work, William’s goal and philosophy is to capture feelings and emotions from his subjects and faithfully reproduce them artistically, he wishes to re-create those emotions as he sees them and be able to freeze them in time. Mostly, he picks out on facial and bodily expressions of everyday people that he might encounter, and his subject matters always incorporate faces. One can testify of those emotions when looking at William’s portraits: the eyes, smiles, distant gazes, and postures are immediately revealing of the portrayed feelings and William communicates them successfully to the audience. As he tries to capture raw moments of life in each piece, the author wishes to spark off reactions from the viewers as they observe his work and he wants to make them reflect upon the messages transmitted.

William uses different medium: acrylics, mediums, oils and lacquers, but his favorites are paints of all types because “they help achieve controlled chaos”. Further, he predominantly produces large murals and mixed media on canvas and his favorite color is grey. According to the artist, placing variations of grey together can create a sense of calm and clean feel.

A master of many talents, William is considered an inspiring, kind and reliable person who paints for himself. This dedicated professional believes that one has achieved success if they are truly happy with their life. He believes he has reached this fulfillment of an achiever because he creates for himself and critiques motivate him to perfect his craft. Along with this philosophy, William is considered as ambitious, caring and fearless. If given the opportunity to go back in time, he would love to experience life in the early 1900’s at the time when personalities such as Walt Disney, Van Gogh or Frank Lloyd Wright among others were around. ‘Trying to come up with something new in today’s society is difficult. We are desensitized by what we see and often feel. Artists of the past were innovators and risk takers, who pushed past the pessimists and made a name for themselves with their talent.’

To visit William’s page, please follow this link: https://baterbys.com/orlando_bestartist-finalists-william-hardesty