You Shouldn’t Judge a Book by its Cover: Knowledge is Power

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The value of something or someone is not always obvious from what we see on the surface. If we take the time to lay our initial judgments aside, we won’t be defined by the knowledge that we simply assumed based on what our eyes catch.

I have a very old copy of the King James Version (KJV) of the Bible. This year, that version is turning 400 years old. Now that’s pretty old.

Even if the years have been kind to it, I am sure the KJV experienced its share of abuse, leaving only a resemblance to its once pristine origin. It has worn pages, some discoloration and a few nicks and scratches (just to name a few.)

The 400-year old KJV Bible (my copy is not that old of course!) has been known to change lives and help define individuals and their families. The words in it have given them strength and hope for a better life, placing value in its content and not in the cover.

Now let’s go to art…

When an artwork is created and a viewer sees it, the natural response is not to guess what the artist was thinking, but to establish and rely on a personal opinion right away even before we are offered to take a deeper look inside the creator’s mind.

I mean, let’s be honest: It’s easier to describe the stroke of their brush than to really know their intentions.

Alfred Alexander Gockel’s talent is recognized by countless people around the world. Born into a creative family, Gockel had his first work published when he was eight years old. He was fascinated early on by the magic created gracefully by color on paper which increased his desire to view the world only through that medium. The way he describes his art through aesthetics and rhythm conveys the true nature of an innovator. His artistry and his creations are appreciated by many.

However, my own appreciation only grew when I was offered the opportunity to meet this World Renowned Artist. I fell for his personality. From then on, everything he created became more valuable to me. More so, I can now easily talk about his creations and the means behind his creating to anyone who would like to hear since I now believe in his talent and his drive to succeed. I also realized that I find myself defending his nature to the naysayers who believe his abstract content or subject matter is not becoming of an artist.

I reassure them that the pages of his life should not be defined by the cover of his book.

It is truly an honor and privilege to be able to see behind the scene to someone’s life. (Especially the ones we seem to judge without knowing.) It enables us to defend them at all cost because we have insight into their personality.

But, what about the ones we don’t get a chance to meet?  Is it fair to assume our opinions are significant since we have basic subject knowledge?

We are not all readers nor are we all get to see inside someone’s life. But when the opportunity arises take the time to open the book and read the content within the pages.  If we do not, I fear we will remain ignorant to the beneficial part of living.

Because truly, knowledge is power! The cover is only made to protect its contents.