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Our Testimonials

Love this gallery! Winter Park needed a gallery like this one! Can’t wait for the upcoming events this summer!

Mary Gardiner

I love this gallery!

Frank Gummey

I adore this gallery and collection!

Lauren Knorr

I continue to see much of my own soul and all it’s musings in the work of Pino.  This is indeed a place I could sit in for hours and indeed, I just may.  I anxiously await more arrivals.


Very nice gallery with some amazing pieces!

Pat Blant

They have beautiful work by Gary Benfield!  I felt I had to move out of the way of the horses.  They have so much movement in their paintings.


Such a wide selection of pieces! I absolutely love this gallery! Best art gallery in Orlando!

Brittany Lynn

I adore all your artwork, especially “Elegant Seductions” by Pino and “Our City” by Elena Bond.  They are gorgeous and very inspiring!


Baterbys is a perfect place of simplicity and peace.


Great art experience!

Jeremy Gomez