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Our Testimonials

Very interesting collection.  Duaív is a wonderfully colorful artist and a new artist to me!


Beautiful pieces.  Thanks for relocating to Winter Park!


Awesome gallery!  Love the array of art and how eclectic the pieces are.  This gallery has a little bit of everything.  Just amazing!!

Edgar Feliz

This is all so beautiful!  I feel at peace among the art.

Preeti Prahash

Beautiful collection of pieces.  We love “Our City” by Elena Bond!

JD and Mia

I love this gallery!

Frank Gummey

They have beautiful work by Gary Benfield!  I felt I had to move out of the way of the horses.  They have so much movement in their paintings.


Such a wide selection of pieces! I absolutely love this gallery! Best art gallery in Orlando!

Brittany Lynn

Baterbys is a fabulous place to browse and buy modern art. Their auctions are fun and you can practically “steal” a work of art for a fraction of its worth.

Elaine Koshel

We have been able to purchase quality art at great prices. Meeting artists is a real plus. Don’t miss the next auction.

Michael Krigelski